A Story From Our Customers

From time to time, customers reach out to us through email or in person to tell us stories of using our products. Many of these end up in our Testimonials, but this one was special enough to highlight in a blog post.

A few weeks ago, we sent out our Lavender Healing Salve for a Facebook giveaway. One of these salves found its way to a customer in Nebraska, who already had a plan for it.

Recently, her dermatologist had prescribed her a topical chemotherapy cream to treat multiple skin cancer spots on her face. But the cream caused a severe reaction, and left her with sores that were slow to heal and very painful. The dermatologist recommended cortisone cream (which uses steroids and artificial chemicals), and was not very effective. The sores were so bad she thought she might have to hide out in her basement for weeks! As soon as she received our Lavender Healing Salve, she began using it daily. One and a half weeks later, her face was completely healed.

"I started applying the healing salve as soon as your package arrived...wow. I knew it would help, but didn't know the results would be as quick as they were. Love it! Your gift couldn't have arrived at a better time."