When The Cold Wind Blows

 Maple leaf, sea salt, Lavender Cuticle Oil

Maple leaf, sea salt, Lavender Cuticle Oil

Winter is coming quickly to the Northwest; in many parts of the USA, it has already arrived! Winter is by far the hardest season on skin, the combination of dry and cold can cause hands to crack and bleed. 

Our cuticle oil uses a three part approach for finger and nail health, perfect for protecting your hands and nails during this season — 

Prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil

Almond oil is naturally high in Vitamin E, A & D. It is both healing and moisturizing.

Sea Salt

Sea salt contains minerals that improve nail strength and cuticle health. Think - No more "hang nails!"

Pure Lavender Essential Oil

We add lavender oil for its ability to increase circulation and additional healing properties.


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