A Story

 Photo by Hudson Gardner

Photo by Hudson Gardner

When I am demoing in stores, I see many people's hands. You might be surprised at how hard people work, or how troubled their skin is. Many times people's hands are in need of help. Some have come to me with cracked and bleeding fingers, others with dry, irritated skin. I want to tell a story today of a person who came to me with fingers that were white from Raynaud's Syndrome.

Raynaud's is a syndrome wherein extremities turn white for hours at a time. This is thought to be due to tiny blood vessels spasming when skin contacts cold air. However, it doesn't have to be very cold to trigger it in many. Because of this, it's a painful and difficult syndrome to manage.

One day I was demoing in the Midwest and a woman came in with hands that were pure white. She told me about how painful it was, and how it happened often. I had seen this condition before and actually suffer from it myself and so I suggested she put try our Hand & Foot Therapy Lotion. As we talked, she gently massaged it into both hands. We were both amazed—her hands were slowly turning rosy pink. The circulation was returning! She was excited and surprised.

I knew our Hand & Foot Therapy Lotion could help with circulation, but not to such a degree. Lavender is known to have circulation improving properties, which is part of the reason we use it in all our products. Good circulation keeps tissues rich with oxygen, which I love to call, the great healer.

I was so encouraged that I could help this woman with a condition she has suffered from all of her life. Do you have a skin condition you are struggling to solve?