Learn More — Bug Protection for Summer

It's summer now, and many people have already headed outdoors. We love to hike and camp too, and have already spent days and nights under the sun and stars. 

When warmer weather comes, whether you are working outside, having a picnic, or hiking on a trail, bugs can be an issue. Everyone knows the green spray that contains chemicals bad for our skin and environment. But at Suzi's, we have formulated a few products that keep the bugs away and heal bites, without DEET and other chemicals.

Bug Off Spray & Stick

Our Bug Off Spray is DEET Free & effective, so that you  can enjoy gardening, hiking, and being outside. Naturally repels mosquitoes, flies, ticks & gnats. 

Our Bug Off Stick is also DEET free, but lasts longer and is easier to apply more thoroughly. 

Note: Because of the nature of essential oils, best results come from reapplying often, so carry some with you.

Lavender Essential Oil

If you get a bite, rub some pure Lavender Essential Oil on it. We recommended carrying our .5oz size in purse or pocket. It stops itching immediately and it doesn't come back! Amazing!