Our Commitment



Pure. Simple. Real.

At Suzi’s we are committed to using high quality, all natural, and organic ingredients.

Our formulas are Pure, Simple & Real. We use only natural preservatives. All products are paraben, phthalate, soy, and GMO free. We conduct effectiveness trials on our human friends only.

We endeavor to use Earth friendly, recyclable, BPA Free and recycled glass containers only. We are committed to supporting the people of our planet by sourcing Fair Trade ingredients. This is a global movement ensuring that small farmers in developing countries can compete and thrive in the global economy. This movement also protects children from unfair child labor.

Suzi’s is devoted to healing and soothing the mind and body for the greater, global good.



We work with Eco Promotional Products, a company that plants trees each time we place an order.

A Commitment to the Environment and Your Health

Our company started with the intention of helping others, and doing no additional harm to the planet. To do this, we must think in terms of generations, not quarterly revenue cycles. This is why we use high quality ingredients and low impact packaging. Polluting our environment and our bodies doesn't make sense in the long term. Look for these labels on our products!

Recyclable • VEGAN • CRUELTY FREE