Juleen from The Bronx writes...

Dear Suzi, I am a devoted user of all of your products, but I must relay an important and thrilling experience I had with your Lavender Healing Salve. Two years ago I broke my right elbow and wrist. Needless to say, I was in a cast for months. It wasn't healing properly and I ended up with a diagnosis of CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Not fun! As I was trying to heal from not being able to use my dominant hand I had to become a left hander FOR EVERYTHING! As a result I developed trigger thumb in my left hand from overuse.

Eventually my right arm healed, but the trigger thumb on the left hand continued to get worse to the point of not being able to bend it at all. My doctor thought I would have to have surgery but wanted to put it off indefinitely because the CRPS can show up on other parts of the body. Shortly after I began to use your products I decided I would try the Lavender Healing Salve on my thumb joints twice a day. Within a week my thumb was back to it's healthy self bending away. I am so thrilled with your products and will not use anything else. How lucky we are to have your skin care line in the world. Thank you forever!

- Juleen, Bronx