Lavender Oil Heals Bedbug Bites

Thank you for your AMAZING products, 

I met Suzi a few months ago at a local grocery store as she was demonstrating a few of her products. The genuine care and joy she exudes for lavender, her products and their natural healing benefits truly got me excited about her product and message. It was true serendipity that I met her that day, as my sister had terrible, itchy, red bites on her legs she later found out were bedbugs. She had not been able to sleep for days, and when she was awake, she spent time itching and being intensely uncomfortable. I bought my sister some of the Pure Lavender Oil for the itching and redness, and in a matter of a few hours, she wasn't itching any longer, her bites had become less inflamed, and the next day, they were light pink and no longer raised. Your products have helped us immensely, I am positively in love with the lavender salve for my cuticles, the silky, not greasy, texture feels amazing during the dry winter months.

Another thing, I must admit, a few sniffs of the lavender sachet is a lifesaver when I'm feeling stressed or find it difficult to sleep. The airy, fresh & herbaceous notes of your lavender set it apart from any other "lavender" scent. I am so thankful and glad I ran into Suzi that day. To Suzi and the rest of her team: I'd like to thank you again for your passion and drive to create and share your products!

- Erin, Nebraska