Simple & Effective

I have been using Suzi’s Lavender products exclusively since June 2015, when we started carrying them in our farm store. My skin has never looked better. The products are so simple to use, smell lovely, are of the highest ingredients and last forever.  I particularly like the Foaming Face Wash - best cleanser ever - and the DayNight and Eye creams. I don’t have much time for a beauty regime and Suzi’s products meet all my moisturizing, cleansing, hydrating and healing needs.  During our lavender season, we have many repeat customers happy with Suzi’s and stocking up for friends and family.  From Cuticle Oil to Lip balm, they are the best.  Hoping for a shampoo and sunscreen - at that point my medicine cabinet will be all Suzi!

Catherine MacNeal
Lavender Hill Farm
Vashon, WA